Accelerate Your Creativity

Achieve More with a Custom PC

Our tech experts analyze your workflow to design the perfect solution for your needs

Built, tested and delivered within two weeks

Local after sales support with 24 hour response times

Customised specifically to your needs

After building, we test the PC to ensure stability and reliability.

We make sure the system works once its installed.

Based in South East Melbourne, you can be sure you're speaking to a local.

We offer long-term maintenance and support programs

We use high quality, reliable components perfect for your needs.

We don't install any bloatware either!

How we do this

Our Purpose

A 20 minute call is all it takes

Our purpose is clear: build you a bespoke, custom computer that not just percectly meets your gaming, creative, or daily computing needs, but also gives you the most important resource in the world: time.

Right now, getting the right computer is a challenge. Either you purchase a computer "off the shelf" which may not suit your needs, or you build your own which takes weeks of research and you'll also need to support yourself if you run into trouble. That's time taken away from more important things.

Well, with a decade of expertise in custom-building PCs, we've streamlined the process to a simple conversation. A 20-minute consultation with us is all it takes to embark on the path towards owning a PC that doesn't just meet your requirements but also frees up countless hours. Hours that can be spent on your passions, projects, and loved ones.

Your satisfaction is the benchmark of our success, and your trust in our efficiency and expertise is our ultimate goal.

"A 20-minute call is all it takes" to step into a world where technology serves you, not the other way around.

Hi, I'm Nigel, founder of Tech Forged.

My decade-long journey in PC building, fueled by insights from tech forums and my work with 'Logical Increments', led me to simplify the complex process of custom PC creation. Tech Forged crafts personalized systems, fitting the distinct needs of professionals and enthusiasts alike, beyond what's available off-the-shelf.

My goal is to make high-performance, reliable PCs without any hassles, using my extensive tech knowledge to save you time and effort. I aim to bring custom-built PCs to your doorstep, ensuring a perfect system tailored just for you. Welcome to Tech Forged!


Nigel Delmore